Business Schools ranking in Bolivia

Latin America

University level first stage: Técnico superior, Bachiller, Licenciatura
-Some universities offer courses leading to the title of Técnico superior generally after three years' study. The Bachiller en Ciencias o Artes is awarded in professional careers by public universities after four years' study. The Licenciatura is awarded after four to five years. In medicine, it requires six years and professional experience. The qualification of Técnico superior is awarded by universities after two to four years' study in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Technician Skills and Engineering.
University level second stage: Maestría, Diplomas de Posgrado
- Diplomas and cursos de Posgrado are offered after at least one year of postgraduate study. The Maestría may be obtained two years after the Licenciatura.
University level third stage: Doctorado
- The Doctorado is awarded after a period of original research and submission of a thesis in Political and Social Science and Law.

Eduniversal in Bolivia: 2 schools
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Useful Sources for Studying in Bolivia:
-Administration & Co-ordination, Responsible authorities, Viceministerio de Educación Superior, Ciencia y Tecnologia, Head: Carmen Hada Shima, Vice-Minister:
-Secretaría Nacional de Investigación, Ciencia y Tecnología (Secretariat for Research, Science and Technology):
-Comité Ejecutivo de la Universidad Boliviana (Executive Committee of the Bolivian University):

2 Palmes Of Excellence - GOOD business school with strong regional influence

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Universidad Católica Boliviana 'San Pablo' - Escuela de la Producción y la Competitividad

1 145‰

Universidad Mayor de San Simón Facultad de Ciencias Económicas

2 40‰

1 Palme Of Excellence - BUSINESS school with considerable local influence

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Universidad Privada Boliviana - UPB Olave School of Business (*)

1 -

(*) New institution approved by the ISC to enter in the 2018 Eduniversal Official Selection

  • Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno
  • Universidad Mayor de San Andrés