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The language of instruction is Farsi. The first day of school year is 22 September (1st Mehr), which is annually celebrated joyfully. In the past two decades, the education system and curricula have been reformed several times. The new system is oriented towards vocational training. Since education is considered a top priority in the development of the country, the authorities have endeavoured to increase the primary education enrolment rate. In addition, the comprehensive Applied Sciences University was established in order to strengthen technical and vocational education and train skillful manpower needed for industry, agriculture and service sectors. As the first private university, the Islamic Azad University, the university is presently active in 110 cities in Iran. Some 33 private institutes of private education, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses with about 23000 students are active in Iran.

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2 Palmes Of Excellence - GOOD business school with strong regional influence

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rate 2017

IMRE - Institute of Management Research & Education

1 112‰

1 Palme Of Excellence - BUSINESS school with considerable local influence

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rate 2017

Qeshm Institute of Higher Education (QIHE)

1 6‰