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The Education System in Morocco
The higher education system in Morocco consists of 14 public universities and a large number of private universities. The total number of higher education graduates in 2007 was 88,137 students; the gross enrolment rate in higher education is about 11% and has not fluctuated much in the last few years. Admission to public universities requires an undergraduate degree and admission to certain specializations; such as schools of engineering require the passing of specific exams for selection.
Another area of study outside the domain of engineering and medicine that is gaining popularity is that of management. According to the Ministry of Education, the rate of registration in management program increase 3.1% in the years 2003-2004 from the year before. Moroccan universities have also begun to integrate information technology and communication into their curriculums; now, at least 2,000 students per year are graduates of the university sector in the field of information and communication technologies.


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University and Business Schools Ranking in Morocco

3 Palmes Of Excellence - EXCELLENT business school with reinforcing international influence  

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Palmes league
Dean’s recommendation rate 2016

ESCA School of Management

1 140‰

HEM Business School

2 114‰

Groupe ISCAE

3 74‰

Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion - Settat (ENCG - Settat)

4 48‰

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane - School of Business Administration

5 39‰

2 Palmes Of Excellence - GOOD business school with strong regional influence  

Rank by
Palmes league
Dean’s recommendation rate 2016

Université Mohammed V Agdal - Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Economiques et Sociales

1 13‰