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Business School Ranking in the Czech Republic

Tertiary professional schools, even though they are not part of higher education, belong to tertiary education and offer professional education leading to a diploma, mostly in economics and health care. Higher education institutions can be of the university or non-university type. The non-university higher education institutions usually offer Bachelor study programs and, if accredited, master study programs. They are not allowed to provide doctoral study programs. University-type higher education institutions offer Bachelor, Master and in most case also Doctoral study programs. Higher education institutions offer courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy, and Theology, as well as in Economics, Veterinary Medicine, and Agriculture, Teacher Training and Arts. They are public, state or private institutions. Public institutions are financed by the state budget through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The private institutions can be partially financed by the State. The Czech higher education system also includes 2 state higher education institutions (the University of Defence and the Police Academy) which are financed by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior. Important partners of the Ministry of Education in all decisions concerning higher education are the Czech Rectors’ Conference and the Council of Higher Education Institutions.

Eduniversal in the Czech Republic: 5 schools
Schools with 5 Palmes      1
Schools with 4 Palmes      0
Schools with 3 Palmes      4
Schools with 2 Palmes      0
Schools with 1 Palme       0

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Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a t?lovýchovy (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports):
Rada vysokých škol (Council of Higher Education Institutions):

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University and Business Schools Ranking in Czech Republic

5 Palmes Of Excellence - UNIVERSAL business school with strong global influence  

Rank by
Palmes league
Dean’s recommendation rate 2016

The University of Economics Prague (VSE)

1 288‰

3 Palmes Of Excellence - EXCELLENT business school with reinforcing international influence  

Rank by
Palmes league
Dean’s recommendation rate 2016

Prague International Business School (PIBS)

1 153‰

CMC Graduate School of Business

2 83‰

Brno University Of Technology Faculty Of Business And Management

3 66‰

Brno International Business School (BIBS)

4 61‰