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DESCRIPTION ABOUT American University in Dubai – School of Business Administration

The American University in Dubai – AUD is a private, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1995. AUD’s enrollment in 2015-2016 averaged 2,600 students. In Spring 2016, over one hundred nationalities were represented in the AUD student body. AUD offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees and Certificates in Middle Eastern Studies and Professional Teaching. In addition to courses in their chosen program/major, undergraduate students in all disciplines must follow a curriculum in Arts and Sciences. This is in fulfillment of the general education portion of their degree requirements. Through its Center for English Proficiency, the university also conducts Intensive English courses designed to develop university-level English language skills in students requiring additional language study before commencing university. The university's faculty possess appropriate academic credentials.

Furthermore, many are or have been practicing professionals of note multi-complex facility has been conceived with the objective of supporting the university's academic and extra-curricular programs to an American standard. The campus surroundings include Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.
In fulfillment of its mission as one of the few American-accredited institutions of higher learning in the Gulf, AUD seeks to duplicate the American recipe for successful higher education. Syllabi and textbooks are the same as those used in the United States. In addition, the preponderance of American and American-trained faculty members further ensures that the university remains American in substance as well as in name. Expectations of academic performance either match or exceed those prevailing on a “typical” American campus.

Several factors explain the excellence, which underpins American higher education and guides AUD in the expression of its American character:

A curriculum that imparts general knowledge but allows for significant specialization;

A program of extra-curricular activities designed to cultivate the student’s humanistic outlook and social skills;

Faculty members who combine scholarship and technique in exercising their classroom duties;

Teaching methods that develop strong skills in critical reasoning and precise and persuasive self-expression;

The maintenance of high academic standards via clear and consistent policies; and

Instilling an appreciation for life-long learning.

A liberal education, widely adopted in the American education system at the university level, is one which emphasizes an individual’s whole development in addition to providing in-depth knowledge of one or more professional fields to students. A liberally educated person is therefore one who can think and write clearly, effectively, and critically and can communicate with precision, cogency, and persuasiveness. This person has a broad knowledge and understanding of other cultures and is able to make decisions accordingly. In addition, he/she has an understanding of and experience in thinking systematically about moral and ethical problems.

The American University in Dubai embraces liberal education as the context within which the university provides students with a 360-degree whole-person education. Several factors explain this choice: a liberal education teaches students how to think and learn rather than what to think and learn, and it produces graduates who are better able to adapt and respond to the demands of a fast-changing economic and social environment. In addition to developing students into ethical and socially responsible citizens of the world, the liberal education also results in tangible benefits in the form of higher incomes and other material rewards. By espousing this liberal education philosophy and applying it in all academic programs, AUD enables students to become independent thinkers who are tolerant and open-minded by the time they graduate. The liberally educated AUD graduate is not only able to form an opinion but can also express and defend this opinion.

The AUD graduate is also creative and able to find innovative solutions to a variety of problems. Moreover, as Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, AUD students’ liberal education enables them to understand and appreciate other cultures, beliefs, and points of views and remain lifelong learners.
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American University in Dubai – School of Business Administration

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