The methodology behind the selection of the 1000 Business Schools to be ranked was created by the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee in 2007. The objective was to establish a global mapping system that would take into account the international influence and reputation of each academic institution.

For the ranking of top 1000 business schools, the system determines, from thousands of different business schools, which 1000 will be selected for the ranking. The number of schools selected to take part in the ranking, from each of the 154 countries, is determined according to a quota method using both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

The quantitative criteria includes:

- The national expenditure on education per inhabitant
- The GDP per inhabitant
- The size of the population
- The number of students in higher education

The qualitative criteria includes:

- The number of graduate academic institutions in the country
- The historical importance of the national educational tradition.

These schools are then classified in each country by Palmes of Excellence according to a set of criteria designed to determine a school’s international influence, reputation and quality.

After the Palme classification (from 1 to 5) has been set, an international Deans Vote determines the rank within each Palme category. The final ranking shows, within each Palme category, the best business schools in each country.

The EDUNIVERSAL ranking highlights the best academic opportunities for students around the world in these 9 zones:

- Africa
- North America
- Latin America
- Central Asia
- Eurasia and the Middle East
- Eastern Europe
- Western Europe
- Far East Asia
- Oceania

Example of the data taken into consideration, according to the method of quotas, in the determination of the number of schools per country in the Eduniversal Official Selection:

Country National expenditure on education per inhabitant GDP per inhabitant Population size in million Number of Students in Higher Education Schools Quota results
USA $2,851.20 $52,800 317 19,600,000 153
India $128 $4,000 1,210 28,560,000 50
China $421.40 $9,800 1,347 24,000,000 54
UK $2,312.60 $37,300 62 2,340,275 50
Mexico $811.20 $15,600 112 1,481,999 16
Poland $1097.20 $21,100 38 2,146,926 12
Netherlands $2442.60 $41,400 16 546,400 12
Turkey $397.80 $15,300 74 877,000 8
Tunisia $613.80 $9,900 10 365,000 4
Australia $2408 $43,000 221,200,000 35
Indonesia $145.6 $5,200 237 4,200,000 7
Russia $705.9 $18,100 143 9,330,115 19


The list is reviewed each year by the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee, taking into account the evolution of the business education in each country.

Schools that wish to enter the Eduniversal Official Selection should apply for the evaluation process and fill out the evaluation form. Participation is free of charge. For more information about the evaluation process for the schools candidates, please contact: