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The system of education of the Republic of Armenia includes pre-school, general secondary, special secondary, vocational (professional-technical), higher and post-graduate education. In the higher education system, there are both state and private institutions of higher education. There are 15 (21 with branches) state higher educational institutions in Armenia. There are close to 75 private universities. In States' universities, studies are organized in three levels: first, there is a 4 year-study cycle that leads to the Bakalavri kochum (i.e. Bachelor's degree). Secondly, after a one or two-year program, students are awarded the Magistrosi kochum (i.e. Masters Degree); this diploma is only delivered in State's institutions, except for the American University of Armenia. Thirdly, there is a two year cycle that leads to the Gitutiunneri Teknatsu (i.e. Ph.D).

Eduniversal in Armenia: 2 schools
Schools with 5 Palmes: 0
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Schools with 2 Palmes: 2
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Useful Sources for Studying in Armenia

American University of Armenia:
Yerevan State University:

Scholarships for Studying in Armenia:
Government Scholarships with "The National Security Education Program's David L. Boren Scholarships"
"Eurasian Regional Language Program"

Official Selection of the Best Business Schools in Armenia

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American University of Armenia - Manoogian Simone College of Business & Economics

1 118 ‰

Russian Armenian University – Institute of Economics and Business

2 36 ‰

  • Armenian State University of Economics
  • Faculté de Gestion - Université Française en Arménie
  • Faculty of Economics - Gavar State University
  • Faculty of Economics and Management - Yerevan State University