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The Ukrainian higher education system comprises higher educational establishments, scientific and methodological facilities under federal, municipal and self-governing bodies in charge of education. The organisation of higher education in Ukraine is built up in accordance with the structure of education of the world's higher developed countries, as is defined by UNESCO and the UN. Nowadays higher education is either state funded or private. Students that study at state expense receive a standard scholarship if their average marks at the end-of-term exams and differentiated test is at least 4 (see the 5-point grade system below); this rule may be different in some universities. In the case of all grades being the highest (5), the scholarship is increased by 25%. For most students the level of government subsidy is not sufficient to cover their basic living expenses. Most universities provide subsidized housing for out-of-city students. Also, it is common for libraries to supply required books for all registered students. There are two degrees conferred by Ukrainian universities: the Bachelor's Degree (4years) and the Master's Degree (5–6thyear). These degrees are introduced in accordance with Bologna process, in which Ukraine is taking part. Historically, Specialist's Degree (usually 5 years) is still also granted; it was the only degree awarded by universities in the Soviet times.

Eduniversal in Ukraine: 6 schools
Schools with 5 Palmes 0
Schools with 4 Palmes 1
Schools with 3 Palmes 3
Schools with 2 Palmes 2
Schools with 1 Palme 0

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Official Selection of the Best Business Schools in Ukraine

4 Palmes Of Excellence TOP business school with significant international influence

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2022

International Management Institute - MIM Kyiv

1 155 ‰

3 Palmes Of Excellence EXCELLENT business school with reinforcing international influence

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2022

Kiev National Economic University Faculty of International Economics and Management

1 147 ‰

Kyiv Mohyla Business School

2 101 ‰

International Institute of Business

3 85 ‰

2 Palmes Of Excellence GOOD business school with strong regional influence

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2022

Kyiv School of Economics

1 124 ‰

Ukrainian Catholic University - Lviv Business School

2 78 ‰

  • Faculty of Economics - Donetsk National University in Vinnytsia
  • Faculty of Financial Management and Business - Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
  • Faculty of Management - Zaporizhzhya National University
  • Faculty of Management and Marketing - National Technical University of Ukraine
  • Institute of Economics and Management - Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • Krok University - Krok Business School