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Universities, specialized institutions, such as technical colleges and affiliated technical units, and private institutions all constitute the institutes of higher education in Sri Lanka. If you are thinking of taking up a bachelor degree course in Sri Lanka it would at least take 3 years to complete. The duration of the special degree course is of four years and medical courses are of 5 years duration with an additional internship of 1 year. Master degree courses in Sri Lanka consist generally of two years.

Eduniversal in Sri Lanka: 1 school
Business schools with 5 Palmes: 0 school

Business schools with 4 Palmes: 0 school

Business schools with 3 Palmes: 1 school

Business schools with 2 Palmes: 0 school

Business schools with 1 Palme: 0 school

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University of Colombo - Faculty of Management and Finance

1 95 ‰

  • Faculty of Business - University of Moratuwa
  • Faculty of Management - University of Peradeniya
  • Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce - University of Jaffna