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Brazil Statistics


Capital:  Brasilia

Area:  8 511 965km ²

Climate:  mostly tropical, but temperate in south

Population:  198 739 269

Languages:  Portuguese (official and most widely spoken language); Note – Less common languages include Spanish


Government type: Federal Republic.

Independence Day: 7 September 1822 (from Portugal)

GDP: $1,99 billion (estimation of 2008)

GDP – per capita (PPP): $10 100 (estimation of 2008)

Unemployment rate: 8% (estimation of 2008)


Information for Foreign Students in Brazil

Visa Application

You will find the printable form on the website of the Brazil's General Consulate in France. The process should be carried out at the consulate and the issuance of the visa shall generally not exceed one week. The original letter of acceptance from your host university is essential, therefore, do not lose it. Be sure to fill out the form carefully.

Administratives Requirements

After your arrival in Brazil, you have thirty days to get to the office of the Federal Police. You must register at the police station and obtain a protocol (residence permit) which must be renewed every six months. Half a day should be necessary for the process. You will have to fill out a form, pay the sum of 107 reais (around 40 euros), and create a fingerprint report.


In general, accommodation fees are high in the main Brazilian cities. You should count on a minimum rent of 600 reais (about 240 euros). Here are some websites that can be a good help: and gathers announcements of several newspapers and offers ads with photos. If you add the bills, food, transportation and some travels, your budget should range from 1,500 to 2,000 reais (between 600 and 800 euros, including the accommodation fees).

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account in Brazil has two major advantages. First, you do not constantly have to pay fees to your traditional bank; secondly, being in possession of a National Credit Card will guarantee access to electronic payment by Internet or by phone normally prohibited to foreign cards (bill payment, booking air tickets). In Brazil, opening a bank account can only be made after obtaining the CPF (the Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica), released by the Ministry of Economy of Brazil (Ministerio da Fazenda).


The International Driving Permit is accepted.The bus is very convenient for small distances; the train barely exists; the car is a practical means for transportation but beware of driving habits in Brazil. To purchase a plane ticket at a special rate, visit the following sites:,, . To book a bus ticket or check the schedules, visit the following sites: , .

Official Selection of the Best Business Schools in Brazil

5 Palmes Of Excellence UNIVERSAL Business School

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2023

FGV-EAESP São Paulo School of Business Administration

1 260 ‰

4 Palmes Of Excellence TOP Business School

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2023

FEA USP - Universidade de São Paulo Faculdade de Economia Administração e Contabilidade

1 136 ‰


2 130 ‰

COPPEAD - UFRJ - The Graduate School of Business

3 101 ‰

Fundação Dom Cabral

3 101 ‰

3 Palmes Of Excellence EXCELLENT Business School

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2023

FGV / EBAPE -Fundação Getulio Vargas Escola Brasileira de Administração Publica e de Empresas

1 195 ‰

BSP - Business School São Paulo

2 142 ‰

FIA Business School

3 77 ‰

IAG - Escola de Negócios PUC-Rio

4 53 ‰

Universidade Federal do Paraná - DAGA Escola de Administração

4 53 ‰

EA / UFRGS - School of Administration at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

6 41 ‰

2 Palmes Of Excellence GOOD Business School

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2023

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná - PUCPR Escola de Negócios

1 118 ‰

Unisinos Business School

2 107 ‰

FACE - Faculdade De Ciências Econômicas - Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)

3 59 ‰

Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie - Centro de Ciências Sociais e Aplicadas (CCSA)

4 24 ‰

1 Palme Of Excellence LOCAL Reference

Rank Position in
Palmes’ League
Deans’ Recommendation
rate 2023

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - Departamento De Ciências Administrativas

1 36 ‰

Universidade Federal da Bahia - Escola De Administração

2 24 ‰

Best Master’s programs in Brazil

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