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Iran Statistics
Geography-Population Tehran study_abroad.area: 1,648,195 sq km study_abroad.climate: mostly arid or semiarid, subtropical along the Caspian coast study_abroad.population: 66,429,284 (July 2009 est.) study_abroad.languages: Persian and Persian dialects 58%, Turkic and Turkic dialects 26%, Kurdish 9%, Luri 2%, Balochi 1%, A


Government type: theocratic republic

National holiday: Republic Day, 1 April (1979)

Currency: Iranian Rial (IRR). 1 IRR = 0.0001 USD – 1USD= 10. 35 IRR

GDP: $733 billion (2009 est.)

GDP – per capita (PPP): $11300 (2009)


Information for Foreign Students in Iran


Here are some addresses which may help you:

- Tehran: Hotel Khayam, Hotel Parastoo (middle class – economic class $30-40)

- Isfahan: Hotel Pol O Park ($ 30)

- Shiraz: Hotel Jam-e Jam ($ 50); Anvari Hotel ($ 20)


Travels within Iran are not expensive. For instance, a Tehran-Mashhad return airplane ticket costs 800 000 riyals, about 50 euros. The bus is very cheap and travels throughout Iran. The train is a little more expensive but slower than the bus. There is also the "savory", public taxis between cities which are more expensive than the bus, but whose prices are quite reasonable (3 or 4 euros to go from one city to another).

Official Selection of the best Business Schools in Iran

2 Palmes of Excellence - GOOD business school with strong regional influence

Rank by Palmes league Dean’s recommendation rate 2019

IMRE - Institute of Management Research & Education

1 123 ‰

1 Palme of Excellence - BUSINESS school with considerable local influence

Rank by Palmes league Dean’s recommendation rate 2019

Qeshm Institute of Higher Education (QIHE)

1 30 ‰

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