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North Macedonia Statistics


Capital:  Skopje

Area:  25,713 km ²

Climate:  transitions from Mediterranean to continental; warm, dry summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall

Population:  2,114,550 (est. 2009)

Languages:  Macedonian


Government Type: Parliamentary republicNational Holiday:September 8 GDP: $19.330 billion (est. 2010)GDP – per capita (PPP): $ 9,350 (est. 2010)

Information for Foreign Students in MacedoniaGetting There Republic of Macedonia has two international airports, the main airport in the capital Skopje 'Alexander the Great Airport' (SKP) and another in Ohrid 'St.Paul the Apostle Airport' (OHD). There are around 150 flights in a week from different European cities to Skopje.

Obtaining a Visa Any foreign national possessing a valid multi entry Schengen visa (valid for the entire territory of the Schengen zone) may enter and stay in the Republic of Macedonia up to 15 days without having to possess a Macedonian visa. The period of stay is regulated under the issued visa, but is no longer than 90 days. The visa free stay is 90 days, with the exception of Turkey, Japan and Montenegro where the visa free stay is 60 days.

Currency used in Macedonia is the denar. However, many Macedonians quote prices in euros. Most cities have ATMS for withdrawals, as well as banks and exchange booths to change money.

Water is safe to drink and there are public drinking water fountains in most public places. It is advisable to wash all fruit and vegetables.

Republic of Macedonia is a safe country. As in all countries, keep an eye out for pickpockets and all valuables safe. Hotels and most private accommodation will offer a safe to store valuables and cash in.

National trains are slow, but they are nonetheless a nice alternative to hot, crowded buses in the summer. The main train line runs from Skopje to Bitola and Skopje to Gevgelia. No trains run to Ohrid. Taxis are perhaps the most common mode of transport in Macedonia amongst tourists. Most will usually charge a flat rate of 30 denars (in Skopje 50 denars) with the extra kilometres added on.

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