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The Education System in Swaziland

Education in Swaziland is now free at primary level mainly 1st and 2nd grades and also free for orphaned and vulnerable children but not compulsory. In 2014, Swaziland has a total of 330,000 pupils enrolled in primary and secondary education. Of these pupils, about 240,000 (73%) are enrolled in primary education. The highest level of education reached by youth ages 15-24 in Swaziland. It's notable that approximately 2% of youth have no formal education ; and 29% of youth have attained at most incomplete primary education, meaning that in total 31% of 15-24 years old have not completed primary education in the country. The University of Swaziland provides higher education. The Swaziland National Library Service operates public community libraries throughout Swaziland and establishes school libraries in partnership with Fundza, a non-governmental organization and the African Library Project.

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University of Eswatini - Faculty of Commerce

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  • Faculty of Theology (Department of Business Management& Entrepreneurship) - Southern Africa Nazarene University