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Established in 2010 Avicenne Private Business School was one of the first private business schools in Tunisia to deliver accredited by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Bachelor, Master and Executive MBA programs in English and French languages. APBS belongs to the group René Descartes with schools accredited by the French Ministry of Education and AEFE (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger). APBS is recognized locally and internationally for the competence of its graduates and the quality of its teaching and research. Students are prepared for professional careers in business through a stimulating learning environment that enhances learning and innovation. It achieves this by: ● Offering a stimulating bilingual learning experience; ● Enhancing an information technology pioneer culture; ● Designing and offering innovative and learning centered programs that balance theory with practice; ● Carrying out and disseminating innovative and impactful research relevant to its students and the business community; ● Developing deep linkages with the community and providing responsible leadership to the communities where our students, alumni, staff and professors live and work; ● Participating in the socio-economic development of Tunisia by developing and sustaining partnerships with various stakeholders. APBS is dedicated to fostering high quality education through ongoing leadership and innovation that prepares students to be business experts and active contributors to the business community and society. APBS aims to achieve: ● Activities excellence = research, teaching and career enhancement; ● Business expertise = leadership, knowledge and teamwork; ● Personal growth = intellectual challenges, constructive interactions with the business community; ● Social responsibility = integrity, active sustainability, accountability, and transparency.
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Avicenne Private Business School

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