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Financia Business School

Paris France

9 rue Henri Bocquillon 
75015 Paris, France

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1 Palme

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Financia Business School favors an active and innovative pedagogy focused on employment, integrating contemporary developments as well as demographic and geopolitical developments. The possibility of combining theory and practice, enabled by the system of alternation practiced within the strengths of the willingness of the business world.

In addition, the international pedagogical dimension is emphasized by the delivery of courses in English and French.

Recruiting International Students is also a majorcomponent of Financia Business School, committed to the principle of diversity, targeting and welcoming students from other countries.

Finally, academic partnerships with foreign schools / universities have been contracted. If desired, the international mobility of our students will be encouraged to enable them to gain international access to the profession.

In the long term, we wish to develop the international mobility of our students.

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