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Kampus Widjoyo Nitisastro, Jl. Prof. Dr. Soemitro Djoyohadikusumo, Kampus Baru UI, 16424, Depok, West Java Indonesia


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    Number of Faculty Staff255 permanent academic staff
    Number of International Faculty StaffThere are 6 staffs : • Gilles ROEHRICH, Doctor ?from Grenoble University • Olivier AUDAIRE, Ph.D ? from ESC Lille Graduate School of Management • Eric HERTZLER, Ph.D ? from Pantheon-Assas University (Paris II - FRANCE) • Theodore J. GLEASON, JD ? from Uni
    Number of Labs/Research CentersThere are 6 Research, Consulting & Training Units : • Management Institute (Lembaga Manajemen or LM) • Accounting Development Center (Pusat Pengembangan Akuntansi or PPA) • Institute for Economic and Social Research (Lembaga Penyelidikan Ekonomi dan Masy
    Total International StudentsAs of Semester 1, Academic Years 2018/2019 : • Undergraduates Degrees : 35 students • Postgraduates Degrees : 4 students • Total Students : 39 students
    Total Students 6306 students
    Average International Students Fees - Undergraduate Continuing Education Program 2,200 USD
    Average International Students Fees - International Undergraduate Program2,400 USD
    Average International Students Fees - Reguler Undergraduate Program1,000 USD
    Average International Students Fees - Postgraduate Program2,656 USD
    Average International Students Fees - Doctoral Program2,944 USD
    Average Domestic Students Fees - Undergraduate Continuing Education Program 800 USD
    Average Domestic Students Fees - International Undergraduate Program2,400 USD
    Average Domestic Students Fees - Regular Undergraduate Program1,000 USD
    Average Domestic Students Fees - Postgraduate Program1,583 USD
    Average Domestic Students Fees - Doctoral Program750 USD
    Proportion of graduates employed• 49 lecturers from 255 permanent academic staffs are employed • 16 staffs from 343 permanent staffs are employed
    Number of Careers Advisors21 lecturers and 26 practitioners who function as Careers Advisors

    The availability and quality of existing infrastructure is very adequate to support learning and teaching activities in FEB UI. Some facilities available at the faculty level include the library, computing laboratory (LABKOM), English Self Access Center (ESAC), JUITA, data and information center, and others. All infrastructure can be accessed easily and freely by all academicians of FEB UI.


    1. Resource Learning Center (RLC) or Library
    2. Central Library of FEB UI or Resource Learning Center (RLC) occupies a separate building with an area of ​​approximately 4,700 m2 consisting of 5 floors. The building is located on the FEB UI Depok campus. Collections compiled in the form of books, magazines / journals, proceedings, theses, theses, dissertations, apprenticeship reports, research reports, professors' inaugural speeches, etc. include audio-visual materials such as CDROM, Microfilm, Microfiche. In addition there is also an online database consisting of thousands of journals all over the world in the fields of economics, business, management, industry, social sciences and others related to it in the Proquest database, JSTOR and Elsevier. The FEB UI library has also installed hotspots to access wireless internet. ( FEB UI students all programs listed as students in the ongoing semester or school year are automatically members of the library. The way to become a member is to show the student card and / or SPP / KRS payment slip and submit a 2 x 3 size photo pass. As for general visitors, it is only permissible to read the FEB UI library collection in place or copy it at the photocopy place at FEB UI by making a special card according to the applicable administrative procedures
    • The Postgraduate Library - the Learning Center of the Postgraduate Library of FEB UI or which is now changing its name to Learning Center is a joint library of 3 postgraduate  programs, namely the Master Program in Economics (ME), Master of Sciences in Management (MSM), and Master of Sciences in Accounting (MSA). The postgraduate library location is located on the Ground Floor of the FEB UI Depok, Library Building. Collections compiled include compulsory books, references, supporting text books, CDROM, Thesis, Dissertation, Scientific articles, scientific journals (printed, online), General Daily, Tabloids, Magazines and Videos (VCD / DVD). In addition to visiting the central library of FEB UI, visitors can see / find out all the library collections through the online catalog "LONTAR" which can be accessed from the internet (URL:
    • FEB UI - Accounting Salemba Library, This library is located at the MAcc, FEB UI Salemba Building. Collections compiled include books both compulsory, non-mandatory, reference books, Thesis and Final Work, newspapers, tabloids, and magazines, print and online journals, Financial reports, regulatory databases Indonesian tax and stock exchange, as well as other lecture materials (syllabus, handouts, cases, CD ROM).
    • Master Program in Management (MM) FEB UI Library is located in MM, FEB UI Salemba Building, occupying the right side of the ground floor of Master Program in Management (MM) Building. The library of FEB UI Salemba provides a reading room capacity of more than 60 people. To be able to obtain bibliographic data information from the MM FEB UI library collection, visitors can access via the internet at to search the collection of books and to search thesis collections, articles, handouts, cases, and others. Every student of MM FEB UI automatically becomes a member of the MM FEB UI library. Library membership is valid for one semester. Extension of membership automatically occurs if students do academic registration. Membership information for alumni and other outside parties can be asked directly to the library officer of the MM FEB UI.
    • Library of FEB UI - Salemba FEUI Salemba Extension Library is located in the Salemba Extension Program building 2. Computer Lab, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia has two computer lab units located at FEB UI Depok Campus and Salemba. Computer Lab (Depok) Located in Building A, second floor, computer lab has 4 classes, each of which has a capacity of 26 units of pentium 4 computers (25 units + 1 unit for tutors). All classes are also facilitated with JUITA internet connection, LCD Projector and Air Conditioner.
    1. Computing laboratory (LABKOM)
    2. The English Self-Access Center (ESAC) is a facility provided by FEB UI, especially for students, to learn English independently. The independent English learning center at FEB UI is intended so that graduates of FEB UI can be reliable and adept at communicating with the language of international communication, so they can compete in the international labor market in the era of globalization. To be able to accommodate these goals, ESAC provides facilities including Language Laboratory, Discussion Corner, Presentation Room, Computer Angles, Listening Angles, Video Angles, Reading Rooms, and Discussion Rooms. The English Self-Access Center is open to all students of the Faculty of Economics and Business UI.
    3. Center for Economic and Business Data (PDEB) functions as a support system for storing and managing economic and business data in FEB UI To be able to realize its vision of being the most comprehensive provider of economic and business data in Indonesia that has variations current and accurate data, both nationally and globally, PDEB has always provided facilities that are expected to meet the needs of teaching, research and community development in the FEB UI environment
    4. FEB UI has adopted the latest network technology with WiFi technology, so students can search for the information they need quickly, anytime and within the FEB UI Depok campus area. Whereas in Salemba, the application of this technology already exists in several lecture buildings and offices.
    5. The FEB UI Student Center Building which in addition facilitates student activities, not only academically, but also non-academically, for example related to the fields of sports, arts and culture.
    6. To support the activities of the academic community in the field of sports, FEB UI has provided several sports facilities including Pertamina Hall, which is a sports infrastructure that was just inaugurated in 2009 and is the result of collaboration between FEB UI and PT. PERTAMINA. Activities that are generally held here are internal faculty activities, such as the activities of the Faculty of Student Units (UKF) in the Field of Sports, activities of student sports competitions and employees. With existing facilities, this enclosed field can be used for basketball, volleyball and futsal.
    7. FEB UI has two separate prayer rooms for men and women. Not only providing prayer rooms, bathrooms, and ablution sites, these prayers room are also equipped with worship facilities such as mukena, prayer mats, and the Holy Quran which can be used on the spot.
    8. FEB UI has a large parking area, which can accommodate at least 250 cars and motorbikes. The parking area that stretches around the location of the Faculty of Economics and Business in the area of UI Depok Campus.
    9. FEB UI has a canteen with Indonesian food specialties and affordable prices for students.

    Name of EntityDate of MembershipBrief description of the membership
    Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)2007International Accreditation Bodies

    The Alliance On Business Education And Scholarship For Tomorrow (ABEST21)


    2012International Accreditation Bodies

    ASEAN University Network (AUN)


    12 Mei 2018International Accreditation Bodies
    The Association of MBAs (AMBA)2016International Accreditation Bodies

    The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)


    2018International Accreditation Bodies

    Global Network for Advance Management (GNAM)


    2013Global higher education network

    Association of Asia–Pacific Business Schools  (AAPBS)


    Februari 2016Global higher education network

    Member in Association of Indonesian Faculty of Economics and Business (AFEBI)


    23 Oktober 2009National Membership

    Chairman of Association of Development Economics Study Programs All Indonesia (APSEPI)


    2018National Membership

    Chairman of Association of Indonesian Management Masters Programs (APMMI)


    2013National Membership

    Member of Alliance of Indonesian Business and Management Study Program (APSMBI)


    November 2016National Membership

    Member of Alliance of Independent Indonesian  Doctoral Practices (APDMI)


    2014National Membership

    Member of Association of Indonesian Accountants - Public Accountants Compartment (IAI- KAP)


    2014National Membership

    Member of Association of Indonesian Accountants - Educator Accountants Compartment (IAI-KAPd)


    2018National Membership



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